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—A Garland for Gatsby—

Dance music and the jazz of the 1920s inform almost all of (A Garland for Gatsby's) 18 movements, which are all expertly crafted and ultimately delightful. The piano is well recorded, and Gates plays his own music with great affection as well as a real feel for the music of the period...(The Lake Isle) is a simply lovely piece.
Colin Clarke, Fanfare Magazine, Mar/April 2009

If you're a fan of talented young chamber musicians interpreting the works of gifted living composers, this disc comes highly recommended. (A Garland for Gatsby) is an exceedingly thoughtful exploration of both modern and traditional jazz styles, from swing to stride, all expertly executed.
Greg Cahil, All Things Strings

‘A Garland for Gatsby’ smoothly moves between plot shifts and scene changes, capturing the spirit of the classic in a stimulating manner. ‘The Lake Isle’ and Piano Quintet round off a recording of imagination and distinction. - Keith Ames, Musician, Winter 2008

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