Manuscript Cover

The Lake Isle: Rhapsody for oboe and piano

Phylloscopus Publications (PP178) 1994 - 1996

‘The Lake Isle’ takes its inspiration from the W.B Yeats' poem, ‘The Lake Isle of Innisfree’, from which four lines are quotes at the head of the music. The piece captures both the sombre note of the ‘pavements grey’ and the contrasting optimism of the poet's idyllic retreat, the ‘Lake Isle’ itself. There is a clear Celtic flavour to the music, both in its pastoral mood and in the darker rhythms of the mischievous middle section, which acts as a foil to the darker lament beneath the surface. For this first publication the music was set from the manuscript by K.R. Malloch.

A recording by oboist Andrew Knights and the composer in 2008 can be heard on Melodist CDs' ‘A Garland for Gatsby’ (3130CD) and purchased here.